• Our Dental Family

  • Meet Happy John

    Thank You  for choosing Dr Goli and her team  to be part of your SMILE !  

  • Meet Al

    (With Al Despres our patient Vietnam War Veteran ! He passed away last year ! We miss him dearly)

  • Meet Mason

    Great Looking Kid! Who breathes Soccer! Congratulations to Mason and his team for making it to Nationals Soccer Premier League Championship. Thank You for being an awesome patient!

  • Meet Adam

    Meet  Handsome Adam... this little kid is all grown up now... It’s  always a  been great pleasure to treat him. He has been part of Dr Goli’s dental family for more than a decade.

  • Meet Vishal

    Vishal is very talented , funny and outgoing high school graduate . Thank you for being such a great patient ! 

  • Meet Sweet Kevin

    Kevin is one of the most cheerful, happiest and friendliest person one could meet. He is our Good Luck Charm! It has become our tradition to end the year with Kevin as our last patient. We are very grateful and thankful to Kevin and his family for their trust and confidence in us over the years.

  • Meet Michael and Rufi

    Meet Michael and his Dearest pet Rufi! Micheal rescued her from his roof and hence named her Rufi. All we can say is “ Rufi is not meant to be caged ... She loves her new home” It was a great pleasure to meet both of them. We are grateful you have chosen us to care of your smile. 

  • Meet Kieren

    Kieren is a remarkably pleasant kid, full of charm and he has won our hearts. He thoroughly enjoys visiting his dentist.

  • Meet Classy Morgan

    Morgan is known for her warmth, kindness and great affection.  It’s like she has grown up with us. She brings special charm to our dental family. Thanks so much Morgan! 

  • Meet Michelle

    Michelle made this green hand bag! This accessory brought Radhika a big smile! Thank You Michelle for this great hand bag and Thank You for referring your friends and family to us. We are very grateful to you for being part of our dental family.

  • Meet Adorable Amanda

    We love her beautiful heart and personality. We are very grateful to Amanda and her family for having chosen us to care for their smile.

  • Meet Naughty Raj

    Raj is an enormously charismatic, very enthusiastic and ambitious Middle Schooler. It’s been an absolute pleasure to see him grow into such a warm hearted teenager! 

    Thank you to Raj and his family for choosing us and Thank You for referring your friends to become part of our dental family.

  • Meet Sukki

    One of our Star Patients! "Be Happy and Keep Smiling" is her motto. Thank you Sukki for being part of our dental family for so many years!

  • Meet Our Very Own Pats fan Kathy

    Win, Lose or Tie... Here comes a hard core Patriots fan! That was a sweet win against  the LA Chargers!! We are Patriot’s Nation. Kathy is a heavenly, jolly, entertaining person! Her home made delicious healthy treats are a big hit in our office! Thank You Kathy for being part of our dental family for all these years. It means a lot!

  • Meet Little Princess Rose

    As part of National Children’s Dental  Health Month, we were happy to see this little angel today! She is cute adorable and well behaved.  Thanks so much to Rose and her sisters  for being part of our dental family for many years. We appreciate it very much! 

  • Meet Vikrant

    So happy and excited this little kid whom we have been seeing since his Kindergarten days is graduating from College. Congratulations Vikrant on your well deserved success. 

  • Meet Susritha

    Got to love this kid! Can’t believe how years have gone by, this little girl is a Smart young woman in college. It’s been such a privilege to treat Susritha! 

    Have a great Summer ! 

  • Meet Beautiful Breanna

    We have been seeing Breanna from the time she was born... She is Smart , Strong and Sweet! Can’t believe how time flew... She is all grown up.. thanks to Breanna and her family for being part of our dental family for years.

  • Meet Jovial Jake

    Jake loves his Saxophone and his dentist too!